Prescribed Burn


Pardon the dust and debris, I’m shuffling some things around as I embark on this new year, with renewed interest in giving some form(s) of creativity another go. I’m not sure as yet what to expect in terms of longevity and my own sustained interest and ability to maintain consistent output, but what better time to start a renewed experimental venture than now.

In truth, my main goal in starting this blog in the first place was to carve out for myself a place to write, particularly about games, and to test the waters of my own ability to transform a hobby into something more. At minimum, it would serve as an outlet for all the complex thoughts and feelings I have around games, and to hopefully enable me to gain and sharpen skills.

I dismissed games outright for many years as a waste of time and money, a mindless pursuit for dude man bros to get their violent testosterone kicks. However, in recent years my thoughts on games have changed dramatically. In fact, there’s zero question in my mind that finding a passion for games has drastically improved my quality of life in ways almost on the level of forming a family and marrying my wife. Still, a perceived stigma — the fear that many self-respecting adults might view games the way I once did (and perhaps a thousand other deliberative missiles launched by my fearful, mildly contented, busied American mind) has kept me from pursuing writing about them with any seriousness. Well, fuck that. “Ah, but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now,” sang the poet laureate of rock & roll, Bob Dylan.

As of now, the plan is to move my gaming-related musings to and to convert this site’s focus to, well, something else, which is TBD. Why I decided to proactively dive into my justification for undertaking this effort on the page that’s being razed speaks to where I’m really at in this moment in terms of facing myself and writing (again) and creativity (again) and reliving past failures and nonstarters and so on. It’s all intertwined, unquestionably so. But it’s time, so here goes.



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